Running PO Approval Analyzer Diagnostic as Concurrent Request

Problem: How do I set Approval Analyzer Diagnostic so that it can be run as a concurrent request?

Solution: Refer to My Oracle Support article “R12: Approval Analyzer Diagnostic Script (Doc ID 1525670.1)”.

From the above MOS article, download the and copy it to the server. When unzipped, it generates two files: analyze.sql and po_approval_analyzer.sql. In SQL*Plus, run po_approval_analyzer.sql. It generates the necessary packages (PO_APPRVL_ANALYZER_PKG) used by the analyze.sql script and the concurrent program.

If you wish, you may run the analyze.sql script, and enter the necessary parameters.

To set up the PO Approval Analyzer concurrent program, download the podiagaa.ldt file and copy it to the EBS server.

On the server, source the application tier environment, change to the directory with podiagaa.ldt and then issue the command (on one line):

FNDLOAD apps/asdf123 0 Y UPLOAD $FND_TOP/patch/115/import/afcpprog.lct 
podiagaa.ldt CUSTOM_MODE=FORCE

This creates the “PO Approval Analyzer” concurrent program in the Purchasing application. However, it is not assigned on any request group. Therefore, it must be added the request group for the Purchasing responsibility.

Navigate to System Administrator > Security > Responsibility > Define. Query the form for a Purchasing responsibility.


Under Request Group, note the Name and Application fields. Next, navigate to System Administrator > Security > Responsibility > Request. Search the form for Group = All Reports and Application = Purchasing.


Insert a new row, and add the PO Approval Analyzer program. Save the changes.

Now, when you navigate to a Purchasing responsibility, the PO Approval Analyzer appears in list of concurrent programs available to be run.

Note: after setting up the PO Approval Analyzer program and running it, you may get the error:

ORACLE error 6550 in FDPSTP 

Cause: FDPSTP failed due to ORA-06550: line 1, column 7: 
PLS-00201: identifier 'PO_APPRVL_ANALYZER_PKG.MAIN_CP' must be declared 
ORA-06550: line 1, column 7: PL/SQL: Statement ignored

This is caused by not running the po_approval_analyzer.sql to set up the underlying packages for the concurrent job.

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