Troubleshooting Cost Manager Issue

Problem: The Cost Manager concurrent job stopped running a few weeks ago. It now remains on the Pending phase. The Actual Cost Worker, which usually runs every five minutes, has not run since.

Solution: An error occurred while the Actual Cost Worker was running (tablespace ran out of space) and so the process completed in error. The errored process must be resubmitted, so that it completes successfully. After this, the Cost Manager and Actual Cost Worker began running once more.

The error was occurring both on the production and test instances, so we were able to reproduce the issue on TEST. By searching for “Cost Manager” on My Oracle Support and Google, the following attempts were made to resolve the issue:

1. Stop and restart the Cost Manager

Reference: How to Cancel Cost Manager (CMCTCM ) and Relaunch It (Doc ID 373207.1)

2. Troubleshoot the Cost Manager

How to resolve Pending or Erred Cost Manager or Cost Workers (Doc ID 748704.1)

3. Downloaded and ran the CP Analyzer script

Concurrent Processing – CP Analyzer for E-Business Suite (Doc ID 1411723.1)

This script provided a lot of information about the concurrent processing environment, but did not indicate any problems with the concurrent manager.

4. Checked Errored Transactions in MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS INV_NO_UPDATE / CST_INVALID_WIP (Doc ID 1080033.6)

It points to the table mtl_material_transactions. I checked the table by modifying the SQL in the above MOS document:

select * from mtl_material_transactions MMT
    where MMT.organization_id = &organization_id
    and MMT.costed_flag in ('N','E')
    and NOT  EXISTS ( SELECT 1

From there, I obtained the record with the error (costed_flag = ‘E’).

The solution stated in the MOS document 1080033.6 was:

Error transactions can be resubmitted through application using the following Navigation Path: Cost Responsibility -> View Transactions -> Material Transactions query erred records ->  From the menu, Tools,  Select All, Submit All


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