This blog archives several years of documentation into one location. By putting it all online, I am able to share my knowledge with the wider audience, and have all my notes in one place for easy reference at any client site.

My documentation consists primarily of work done with Oracle Applications 11i and R12, but does include notes related to Oracle Database 10g and 11g, Linux (mainly Red Hat Linux), Windows and recently PeopleSoft, Microsoft SQL Server and Primavera.

I am an IT professional with 13 years’ experience, with 10 years using Oracle databases and 5 years using Oracle Applications.

Even though many articles written in this blog appear to be quite old, please do not hesitate to comment on them if they have helped you, if you have a better way of solving the same problem, or if the solution is plain wrong.

During the course of my troubleshooting and research, some articles may have been obtained from the Internet or other sources. These articles are copyright their respective owners. If you would like me to remove any copyrighted articles, please send me an email at the address below.

In addition, I am quite new to WordPress and blogging. Any suggestions for improving this blog are welcome, either on the blog as comments or directly to me at cavguy101 [at] yahoo.com. Tips on monetizing this blog are also most welcome!

Disclaimer: Before using any code or solution from this site in your environment, you are advised to replicate the issue on a test environment and then try the fix. I accept no liability if any solution causes damage to your instance or environment. Sorry.

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