Changing Employee’s Start Date

Problem: How do I change the effective start date for an employee after it has been entered into EBS?

Solution: Use the hr_change_start_date_api.update_start_date procedure.

    -- start of variable declarations, initialize variables with appropriate values to test the script
    -- varchar2 size is set to 2000 by default, please enter target table name to retrieve the exact limit
    -- input variables
    v_validate                      boolean;
    v_person_id                     number;
    v_old_start_date                date;
    v_new_start_date                date;
    v_update_type                   varchar2(2000);
    -- output variables
    v_warn_ee                       varchar2(2000);
    -- initialize variables
    v_validate := FALSE;
    v_person_id := 6066;
    v_old_start_date := '03-NOV-2014';
    v_new_start_date := '13-OCT-2014';
    v_update_type := 'E';

    --  calling api hr_change_start_date_api.update_start_date
        p_validate                     => v_validate
        ,p_person_id                    => v_person_id
        ,p_old_start_date               => v_old_start_date
        ,p_new_start_date               => v_new_start_date
        ,p_update_type                  => v_update_type
        ,p_warn_ee                      => v_warn_ee
exception when others then
    dbms_output.put_line('error : ' || sqlerrm);





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