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Gaining Access To My Oracle Support

Gaining Access To My Oracle Support

Problem: How does a new employee gain access to My Oracle Support (MOS)?

Solution: In the web browser, the new employee must connect to Under Sign In, click the Register link.

Create a new MOS account by entering the email address (which will be used as the username for MOS), an MOS password, first name, last name, country and state/province. Then click Create.

Next, log into MOS using the username and password that was just entered.

The user is prompted to enter the CSI number.

Once entered, a request is sent to the MOS administrator of that CSI account. The administrator checks for any pending requests to access the account, and then approves it. Once approved, the user gains access to MOS.

netca Error: ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor

Problem: When configuring the TNS settings using the Oracle Net Configuration Assistant, the follow error appears:

Connecting… ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor. The test did not succeed.

Solution: Mismatch between hostnames in tnsnames.ora and listener.ora.

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ORACLE error 20100 in FDPSTP

Problem: When running the Payments batches process in Oracle, the following error occurs.

ORACLE error 20100 in FDPSTP 

Cause: FDPSTP failed due to ORA-20100: File o}|#{|.tmp creation for FND_FILE failed. 
You will find more information on the cause of the error in request log. 
ORA-06512: at "APPS.FND_FILE", line 396 ORA-06512.

Solution: Free disk space.

The drive on which temp files were created (pointed to by %TEMP% or %TMP%) ran out of space. Clear some disk space, and then rerun the Payments batches process.



Problem: When PeopleSoft is launched (, the PeopleSoft login page appears and the following error is displayed:

BECAUSE OF: bea.jolt.ServiceException: Invalid Session

Solution: Change the value of the psserver variable in the file from machine name to IP address.

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Function Not Available To This Responsibility

Problem: When examining an EBS form using Help > Diagnostics > Examine, the following error occurs:

Function Not Available To This Responsibility.
Change responsibilities or contact your System Administrator.

Solution: This is standard functionality. The EBS instance was upgraded to R12.1.3.

To allow access to the submenu items under the Help menu > Diagnostics, please perform the following steps:

Choose System Administrator, navigate to System > Profiles, and query the profile “Utilities : Diagnostics”. At the appropriate level (user/responsibility), change the value to Yes.

Logout and then login (you may need to bounce iAS (Apache) to clear cache).

Retest the issue.


“Function Not Available To This Responsibility” After Upgrading To Release 12.1.3 [ID 1200743.1]



Problem: When running International HRMS Setup from the UK HRMS Super User responsibility, the following error occurs:

Inserting Balance Attribute Definition : ONLINE_SOE_BALANCE_ATTRIBUTE
Start of log messages from FND_FILE

Solution: Ensure that the Human Resources product (PER) is licensed.

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11i Pre Patching Script

Problem: How can I minimize errors occurring while patching on the Windows platform?

Solution: Use a script to ensure that all environment variables are set and all supporting utilities are accessible.

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R12 Diagnostics Notes

My Oracle Support Community is located at:

My Oracle Support Community – Diagnostic Tools is located at:

Overview of EBS Diagnostics Video:

How to run Oracle DBS Diagnostics:

Log on as a user with access to the Application Diagnostics responsibility. Then click:

Application Diagnostics > Diagnose > Select Application

Check checkbox to left of the test you wish to run.

Scroll to bottom of page and click Execute button.

Enter parameters, then click Submit.

Diagnostic Tests Catalog:

Release 12: MOS Doc ID: 421245.1

Other Diagnostics documents:
* Overview
* Installation Guide
* Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
* Training

Also My Oracle Support (MOS) Community

Could not reserve record

Problem: When trying to add lines to a Standard RFQ (Request for Quotation), the user encounters the following error:

Could not reserve record [2 tries].

Solution: Kill lock on session.

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