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SQL Code Not Running In EBS

Problem: The following code runs in SQL Developer and SQL*Plus from the server:

SELECT person_name,
FROM apps.hrfg_detailed_special_info
WHERE to_date('&1', 'RRRR/MM/DD HH24:MI:SS') BETWEEN date_from AND date_to
 AND information_type = 'ABC Full Time Payroll Remarks'
 AND segment_name = 'Remarks'
ORDER BY person_name

However, when it is registered as a concurrent program and run, no output appears.

Solution: The apps_initialize subroutine must be called before running the script.

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Installing FSCM 9.0 PeopleBooks for SQL Server on Windows

Problem: Procedure for installing PeopleBooks for Financials/Supply Chain Management (FSCM) 9.0 unclear.


The documentation for installing PeopleBooks is available in the PeopleTools Installation guide. In this case, FSCM 9.0 was installed on PeopleTools 8.49 on the Microsoft SQL Server database.

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Installing PeopleTools PeopleBooks 8.49

Problem: When user clicks on PeopleTools > Web Profile > Web Profile Configuration, clicks Search > Dev, and then clicks the Help link, the following message appears:

Help cannot be displayed because no help topic was found for the help context ID "WEB_PROF_GENERAL". 
To view the PeopleSoft Online Library, click here.

Solution: The PeopleTools PeopleBooks CD was not installed.

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Responsibilities Not Appearing After Logon

Problem: After logging on to Oracle Applications E-Business Suite, a custom responsibility is not appearing. This responsibility has disappeared for all users.

Solution: Checked My Oracle Support document “During Login Responsibilities Assigned to Users do not Appear in the Navigator Page [ID 565130.1]”. However, this did not resolve the issue.

Under the System Administrator responsibility, navigated to Security > Responsibility > Define, then queried for the responsibility that was not appearing (F11, Ctrl+F11). Under the Available From section on the form, the “Oracle Mobile Applications” option was selected. Selected “Oracle Applications” option, and then saved. After logging out and logging back in, the user was able to access the responsibility.

EXEC FND_CONC_STAT.COLLECT Parameter Appearing in Concurrent Report Output

Problem: After SQL*Plus concurrent job is registered and run, the concurrent job completes in error and the following message appears in the output:

Enter value for 10: EXEC FND_CONC_STAT.COLLECT;
Enter value for 20:
Enter value for 30: EXIT
     peed.start_date between to_date('EXEC FND_CONC_STAT.COLLECT;', 'RRRR/MM/DD HH24:MI:SS') and  to_date('','RRRR/MM/DD HH24:MI:SS')
ERROR at line 18:
ORA-01841: (full) year must be between -4713 and +9999, and not be 0

Solution: The parameters in the SQL script must be changed from ‘&P_Start_Date’, ‘&P_End_Date’ and ‘&P_Payroll’ to ‘&1’, ‘&2’ and ‘&3’.

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