Monthly Archives: June 2011

Printer No Longer Prints After Changing Ribbon

Problem: After changing the printer ribbon for the dot-matrix printer, E-Business Suite can no longer print to the printer.

Solution: The printer must be re-enabled under Linux. Log on as the root user to the machine with the Reports Server and issue the command ‘cupsenable PRINTERNAME’, where PRINTERNAME is the name of the printer as it is registered under Linux.


“Compile Security” Concurrent Request completes in error

Problem: When the user runs the concurrent request for “Compile Security”, it completes with error.

Solution: On the database server, the /var directory has completely filled up and there is no free space. This directory is used by E-Business Suite as the temp directory (in reality, EBS uses/usr/tmp, which symbolically links to /var/tmp). The space is filled due to the yum daemon, which automatically downloads updates from Red Hat to the /var/cache/yum directory.

To resolve this issue, log on to the system as the root user and either delete the contents of the /var/cache/yum directory using ‘rm -f /var/cache/yum’, or execute the command ‘yum clean all’. To stop the yum-updatesd daemon, run the command ‘service yum-updatesd stop’ or ‘/etc/init.d/yum-updatesd stop’.