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Sample 11.5.9 to 12.1.1 Upgrade Steps

1. Preparing for the Upgrade

Apply 11i.AD.I
Back up database, Applications, and customizations
Prepare an upgrade plan for customizations
Convert to Multiple Organizations architecture
Review sizes of old and new tablespaces
Review Upgrade Tasks and Apply 11i.AD.I

Convert Oracle Alert E-mail Processing to the Workflow Notification Mailer
Financials and Procurement Tasks
Gather schema statistics for CBO
Back up the database
Run Rapid Install
Migrate or upgrade your database to Oracle 10g Release 2
Port application to Linux servers

2. Upgrading to Release 12

Disable AOL Audit Trail
Migrate database to Oracle10g Release 2
Back up the database
Apply Release 12 AD minipack
Run the American English upgrade patch driver
Run the NLS upgrade patch driver
Apply latest product patches
Synchronize NLS and American English product patches
Back up Oracle Applications

Finish the Upgrade
Configure Applications client software for forms applet (required)
Reapply customizations (conditional)
Integrate custom objects and schemas (conditional)

Finish System Administration Tasks
Complete Workflow Notification Mailer configuration (required)
Complete setup for Oracle XML Gateway (required)
Enable PDF printing (required)

3. Post-upgrade Tasks
Install online help
Update/verify custom responsibilities
Migrate custom development to new technologies
Migrate the CUSTOM library
Copy and re-customize modified scripts or reports
Review user responsibility assignments
Associate organization names with custom Alert definitions
Set operating unit mode for customizations
Assign the Report Manager Data Migration Program to a request group
Run the Data Migration Program

Update Status Monitor URLs
Synchronize Product License and Workflow BES license status
Financials and Procurement Tasks
Additional Tasks