Journal Wizard: Viewer application profile is not set.

Problem: When creating a document in Journal Wizard, an error is displayed: Viewer application profile is not set.

Solution: Set the ‘GL : Default Desktop Viewer’ to a value.

Step 1:        To reproduce the error:

  1. (N) General Ledger, Vision Operations (USA) > Journals > Launch Journal Wizard
  2. Click (B) Create Document

Viewer application profile is not set.

Step 2:        Open the Find System Profile Values form:

(N) System Administrator > Profile > System

Step 3:        Find the profile ‘GL : Default Desktop Viewer’.

Step 4:        Enter a value for the ‘GL : Default Desktop Viewer’, such as Excel 2000, Excel 2002, Excel 2003 or Excel 97.


Metalink Doc ID:  Note:459431.1 (Subject:  Launch Journal Wizard Fails With Viewer Application Profile Is Not Set)

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