Monthly Archives: April 2007

Project Rollup Patches Not Completing On DB Tier

Problem: When applying Project Costing rollup patches to DB tier, the following errors are returned:

adlibout: error: cannot get table of contents in library file for product pa

File name is f:/oracle/prodappl/pa/11.5.0/lib/past.lib

Solution: mspdb60.dll not in the path.

Another issue was encountered on the system, which the application modules were relinked. While relinking, the message ‘gnumake: Error 128’ appeared. Metalink Doc ID 123595.1 and 142390.1 indicated that the mspdb60.dll file was not in the path (on the DB tier). After modifying the path, the relink completed successfully.

The Project Costing rollup patches were then reapplied, on both tiers, and all patches went through successfully. Relinking appears to be part of the patching process for the Project Costing rollup patches.