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Configuring Expediting Report To Copy To Network Share

This documentation shows how to configure Oracle Applications to automatically copy the expediting report to a remote network share for use by SharePoint.

To copy the expediting report, a virtual printer was set up. When the expediting report was sent to this virtual printer, the output file (in HTML format) was copied to a remote network share. A link was set up in SharePoint to point to this file.

Setting up virtual printer

Step 1:        To set up a new printer in Oracle Applications, select the System Administrator responsibility. The custom Printer Style and Printer Driver must be set up first. Navigate to Install > Printer > Style.

Step 2:        Click the New button to enter a new style.

Step 3:        Enter the following information in the Print Styles form:

Style Name: copy_expediting_report

Seq: 87

User Style:   copy_expediting_report

SRW Driver: L

Columns: 132

Rows: 66

Step 4:        After entering the information, click the Save button.

Step 5:        Next, navigate to Install > Printer > Driver . Set up the printer driver as shown below:

Driver Name: copy_expediting_report

User Driver:   copy_expediting_report

SRW Driver: L

In the Arguments field, enter the following command (one line):

cmd /c “copy /Y $PROFILES$.FILENAME \ppnets01Expediting_ReportPPGPL_EXPEDITE.html”

Save the changes.

Step 6:        Navigate to Install > Printer > Types to enter a new printer type. Type Ctrl+F11, then use the Up and Down arrow keys to locate the HPLJ4SI printer type.

Under Printer Drivers, click any row under Style, and then click New. A new row appears. Enter the names of the custom style and driver created in the previous steps. Then click Save.

Step 7:        Finally, navigate to Install > Printer > Register to register the new printer.

Type Ctrl+F11 to list the printers currently registered. Click New to enter a new printer. Type the name of the printer, the printer type (HPLJ4SI) and a description. Click Save to save the changes.

Updating Concurrent Program to Use Virtual Printer

Step 1:        Modify the concurrent program setup for the expediting report to point to the new printer. Navigate to Concurrent > Program > Define.

Type F11, enter USER_EXPEDITE in the Program field, and then type Ctrl+F11. Under Output, change the values for Style and Printer to those specified in the previous section. Ensure that Format is set to HTML.

Setting Up New Responsibility

In order for the report to be copied, it must be printed to the virtual printer with one copy, and not the default of zero copies. In order to automatically copy the file, the report must be set to print one copy by default.

The default number of report copies is set as a system profile value, and can be set at the application, responsibility or user levels. Once set, all reports under that level will print the specified number of copies by default.

Because all reports under the specified application, responsibility or user will be affected by changing the number of default report copies, a new responsibility was created and the report registered under this responsibility, so that the number of copies could be specified for the responsibility.

Step 1:        Navigate to Security > Responsibility > Request. Click New and enter the following information. Click in the Name field to enter the report and application name. Then click Save.

Step 2:        Navigate to Security > Responsibility > Define. Enter the following information. This will attach a basic menu to the responsibility created above. Under Effective Dates, change the From field to 01-JAN-1951.

Step 3:        Next, add the responsibility to a user. Navigate to Security > User > Define.

Type F11, enter the username that you wish to add the responsibility to, then type Ctrl+F11. Click under Direct Responsibilities, then click the New button. Select the name of the responsibility entered in the above step. Then click Save.

Setting Profile Option

Step 1:        The profile value must be set for the new responsibility so that the default number of copies for the report is one. Navigate to Profile > System.

In the Responsibility field, enter the responsibility set up in the previous section. In the Profile field, enter “Concurrent%” and then click Find.

Step 2:        Locate the Profile “Concurrent:Report Copies”. Under Responsibility, set the value of the field to 1. Save the change.

Scheduling Concurrent Program

Step 1:        To set up the schedule for the report, click the Switch Responsibility button.

Step 2:        Select the custom responsibility for the expediting report.

Step 3:        Navigate to Requests. The Submit Request form automatically appears since there is only one report registered in this responsibility.

Step 4:        Click in the Parameters field and enter the following parameters. Then click OK.

Start Date 01-Jan-2001
End Date 01-Jan-2010

Step 5:        Click the Schedule button.

To schedule the report to run every 30 minutes, select Periodically, then enter 30 in the field. Click the down arrow head and choose Minute(s). Then click OK.

Finally, click Submit. The report begins running immediately and will execute every 30 minutes thereafter.