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REP-3002 Cannot Print to Printer After Installing

Problem: After installing a fresh instance, when Active Users report is run, it exits with error.

Solution: Run ccmsetup. Delete the concurrent manager service, then add back service. Remember to set apps password, database sid and Automatic  checkbox. Reboot the computer.

Personal Home Page not appearing

Problem: After installing Oracle Applications, the personal home page does not appear in the browser.

Solution: The machine name does not appear in the Bypass Proxy Server setting.

Step 1:        In Internet Explorer, navigate to Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings > Advanced. In the Exceptions box, enter the name of the server.

Basic Linux Commands

This documentation covers some basic Linux commands used with Oracle.

In these examples, the example file name is filename.ext. Substitute the correct filename as necessary.

1. To list files in a directory:


2. To list files in a directory in list format:

ls –l

3. To change directory to the oracle directory under /u0:

cd /u0/oracle

4. To change to the parent directory:

cd ..

5. To rename file1 to file2:

mv file1 file2

6. To remove a file:

rm filename.ext

7. To remove a directory, together with subdirectories:

rm –r directory

8. To get disk space free for all mounted file systems:

df -h

9. To change permissions on a file:

chmod 777 filename.ext

10. To change ownership of a file to applmgr and group dba (you may need to do this as root user):

chown applmgr:dba filename.ext

11. To create a symbolic link name /usr/bin/java to file /usr/local/jdk1.3.1_19 /bin/java

ln –s /usr/local/jdk1.3.1_19/bin/java /usr/bin/java

12. To tar all files in directory (to create one file contains all files in the directory):

tar cvf * filename.tar

13. To untar all files in directory:

tar xvf * filename.tar

Excel Not Launching Properly from Web ADI

Problem: When Web ADI launches Microsoft Excel, the output Excel spreadsheet does not run.

Solution: This problem seems to be occurring only in Microsoft Excel 2003. In Excel 2003, Enable Trust VB Projects.

Step 1:        After launching Excel 2003, navigate to Tools > Options.

Step 2:        Click the Security tab.

Step 3:        Click the Macro Security button.

Step 4:        Click the Trusted Publishers tab.

Step 5:        Ensure that Trust access to Visual Basic project is checked.

Step 6:        Click OK to exit the option. Click OK again.

Refer to Metalink Doc ID:  Note: 106528.1 (Subject:  Application Desktop Integrator – Product Documentation)

Refer to Metalink Doc ID:  Note: 376976.1 (Subject:  WEB ADI “Run-Time Error ‘50290’ Method ‘Run’ Of Object ‘_application Failed”)

Refer to Metalink Doc ID:  Note: 295901.1 (Subject:  No Excel File Created When Using Excel 2002; Excel 2002 Does Not Appear In Viewers LOV)

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