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Recreating DBC file

Problem: While installing vision instance, the post-install check “JSP Check” fails with the message “DBC file may be invalid”.

Solution: Recreate DBC file.

Note: Run these commands from $FND_TOP/secure. Also, source environment file first.

To create a DBC file and server ID:
java apps/apps@vis ADD FNDNAM=apps GWYUID=applsyspub/pub TWO_TASK=vis SECURE_PATH=%FND_TOP%secure GUEST_USER_PWD=guest/guest APPS_JDBC_DRIVER_TYPE=THIN DB_PORT=1522

To check status:
java apps/apps@vis STATUS DB_PORT=1522

To delete DBC file:
java apps/apps@vis DELETE DB_PORT=1522

Also, you can run, located in $COMMON_TOP/admin/install/

For Database Connectivity problems, ensure that the hosts file is set up properly: localhost.localdomain localhost
hostname.domainname hostname

On Windows, use java. On Linux/Unix, use JRE.

Metalink Doc ID: 108865.1 (How To Create a Database Connection(DBC) File and Troubleshooting Common Problems)

Configuring Sign-On Audit Level

Problem: Signon Audit Users report does not show any data.

Solution: Change System Profile “Sign-On: Audit Level” value User or Responsi­bility.

Step 1:        Log on as user Sysadmin and navigate to Profile > System.

Step 2:        Query “Sign%”.

Step 3:        Change value of “Sign-On: Audit Level” to “FORM” at the Site level.

Step 4:        Change value of “Sign-On: Notification” to blank at the Site level.

There Are No Applications Available For This Responsibility Message While Selecting Any Responsibility.

Problem: After logging on to Oracle Applications, the message appears, “There are no applications available for this responsibility. Please click on a different responsibility link to display the list of available applications.”

Solution: Disable maintenance mode and bounce the Apache server.

Step 1:        Disable the Maintenance mode by setting the site-level value of APPS_MAINTENANCE_MODE profile option NORMAL. Or Use the AD Administration Utility to set Maintenance Mode in 11.5.10.

Step 2:        Bounce the Apache Web server.

Refer to Metalink Note:287116.1 (Subject:  There Are No Applications Available For This Responsibility Message While Selecting Any Responsibility)

No TNS Listener Installing Instance

Problem: In step 5 of 5 during installation of Oracle Applications instance, TNS listener does not start.

Solution: hosts file configured incorrectly.

The correct format of the hosts file is:

Under Windows:

xx.xx.xx.xx hostname.domainname alias localhost.localdomain localhost

Another symptom that the hosts file was not set up correctly: the StartCD did not stage properly.